Tips for Picking Perfect Wedding Flowers

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When I was planning for my own wedding, I remember how important my flowers were to me. Flowers, music and food--in that order, were my top wedding priorities and the elements of the big day I had to nail. Thanks to God and great vendors, I was overjoyed with the outcome. I still think back to the garland of magnolia leaves my flower girls carried, the hurricane lanterns surrounded by floral wreaths that graced the reception tables, and the grapevine baskets overflowing with flowers that adorned the pews of the church--it was just right. 

I planned my wedding before Pinterest and The Knot was a thing. These days, brides have tons of resources at their fingertips, but with so many options and ideas comes the pressure to make the right choices. Brides can feel lost in the weeds (excuse the pun) when it comes to choosing the ideal wedding flowers. Here are some tips to help:

Timeless vs. trendy
Unless you're Zsa Zsa Gabor, you're going into your marriage hoping for it to last a lifetime. With that in mind, my advice is to steer clear of super trendy choices when it comes to floral work. You want to look back at your wedding photos years after your big day and still love your flowers. That being said, if you have a specific color story in mind or a favorite flower--go for it! Your bridal flowers can look fresh and of-the-moment without dating your big day.

Match your flowers to the venue
Wedding flowers should compliment the overall theme and location of your wedding. If your reception is in a barn, opt for casual arrangements of farm-fresh flowers. If you're booking a cathedral, go for something more formal and elegant. In this way, your venue can direct the style of your wedding flowers and help simplify the process of decision making.

Make it personal
Your bridal flowers, like your wedding dress, your invitations, and your venue, should be a beautiful representation of you and your groom. Don't be afraid to make choices that highlight your personality, especially when it comes to your bridal bouquet. If you've always loved daisies or the smell of gardenias, share this with your floral designer--he or she is designing a custom work just for you and the more information you share the better.


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  2. These tips are especially important if you've decided to picking perfect wedding flowers. Floral designers are going to have even more trouble figuring out and write an essay what works best for you, so you've really gotta know how to help them help you.

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